You found a book from the school library laying on 1 table of your classroom at the end of the day. you gave it to the class moniotor to hand it over to the class teacher, however he has missed it and he is unable to return it

What you and the monitor will need to do
How you will resolve the situation.


I  would ask him to put some pressure om his brain and think where he had left it before. if we find it it's good and if we not then i would tell him that let's go and tell the teacher to solve the matter. then the teacher would decide what to do......
1. i will ask the monitor to buy a new same book
2. return the amount of the book
3. tell your class teacher
4. tell the librarian
5. apologize.
the monitor can do the above steps. very honestly and in dignity the matter will resolve. same happened with me too:))