History is the study of human past events and is left behind human beings in many ways it is very important for us that we should know our customs culture and traditions it can be remembered if we know the history of our ancient people we gave homage to freedom fighters because they give us independence and we all know this as we know history 
          legend is a traditional story which may be true or lie the probability of both truth and lie is 50% ex folktales , fairytales this legend also contributed to history in many ways

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History is the study of past events. History is basically concerned with the overall achievements, events, occurrences and happenings of the entire human population. It is important to remember that only the events or occurrences that can be proved to be true by various sources or evidence are accepted to be history.
 Stories, tales that describe events, but cannot be supported by evidence are usually classified as legends.
   Now coming to legends I would like to define legend as a popular narrative that is usually perceived to be true, but not validated by evidence. Many legends function within the area of uncertainty, never being entirely believed by the listeners, but also never being resolutely doubted. Legends tend to be plausible because of their historical event or location.Legends can be also be transformed over time to remain fresh and realistic. Legends, along with folk tales and myths play a vital role in culture. A legend can be formed around a character (King Arthur, Robin Hood, phoenix) an object (philosopher’s stone) or a place (Atlantis, Shangri-La, Utopia)
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