Customer enters the restaurant
waiter-good evening sir!
customer-good evening, i need a table where no one can disturb.!
w-sure sir, come with me.
(customer goes...)
w-this corner no one disturb sir u may sit here.
c-thank u
w-any order sir?
c-get me one coffee
w-sure sir
(after a while 2 people comes)
w-yes sir!
c-3 coffee please
w-sure sir
c-make the bill
w-okay sir!
(waiter comes with the bill)
c-how much it is?
w-Rs 60 sir
c- okay! take 100 and bring me the change.
w-okay sir
(waiter returns)
w-here is ur change sir
c-take rs 20 as ur tip
w-thank u sir
(and they all went)