Many are conducting tiger safari. They are having fun with it. But ot is also too dangerous. We must think about it.It must be done with the presence of adults. Some thinks it is a fun. but it is not.
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                                               1. They are one of the most beautiful animals on the planet.
2. The natural home of Tiger is forest there are many species
3. Tigers also Siberian Tigers are habituated to live in cold places
4. the great Bengal Tiger habitat to live in forest near river so they also know how to swim.
 5. Now due to illegal business of Tiger skin teeth nail and their bones people hunt them in very massive amount so their population is very less
 now they are only available in   Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cam­bo­dia, Chi­na, India, In­done­sia, Laos, Malaysia, Myan­mar, Nepal, and Far East in Rus­sia, Thai­land, and Viet­nam.
6. Tigers also are social animal they hunt in night and slept for day but when Tigers comes to their cubs can fight to lion also.
7. They only share their food with their families.                           
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