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Victim of Cybercrime : Leslie
Friend : Candy

Candy : hey Leslie, Are you alright? You haven't been answering my messages lately. You're not talking to anyone in school either.

Leslie : It's just.... I .... I don't know... I

Candy : Come on Leslie. I'm your best friend. You know you can trust me.

Leslie : Every time someone is repeatedly sending me e-mails and pictures of me with my friends. I didn't think that it would be that bad. Until the same person continued pictures of me and e-mailing me calling me a loser and a moron. He/She sent me screenshots of people gossiping,spreading rumors and talking rubbish about me.That thought was haunting me and I never talked to anyone after that.

          * Leslie burst into tears *

Candy : Oh Leslie.Why didn't you tell me before? You've got to tell your parents first thing after you reach home.

Leslie : But it would become a bigger problem..

Candy : No,Of course not! You got it reverse. Cyberbullying is a crime and whoever is doing this to you has got to get caught.

Leslie : What if she starts hating me even more? She wouldn't stop.

Candy : That's never gonna happen. The police will take care of this.

Leslie : I still have a bad feeling about this. I even doubted coming to school. I couldn't even sleep. Before going to the police can you try to solve who this person is and stop him/her? I'm kind of scared to go to the police....

Candy : I'll help. But later, we have to inform them.

Leslie : Um.. Okay.
Her E-mail address is **************. And I get messages from her from 4pm after school till 11pm near midnight. She knows my name,email,phone no. and even you.

Candy : I think she might be one of our school mates. I'm not sure but I guess so.

Leslie : I'm still very scared Candy. She doesn't seem to like me at all. But everybody in school is really nice to me.

Candy : Maybe she is jealous of you and shows her true feelings online.I'm not sure though. I suggest you head home and tell your parents. I'll come with you if you want.

Leslie : Okay, Thanks Candy.
   *The End*

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