Your elder sister learn pottery as a hobby in cpllage but is now keen to start her own pottery studio or shop and earn her living your parents feel that she should continue to study and choose a save career discus with your partner what you could do to help your sister and what steps you would suggest to help resolve the issue



I would help my sister by making a small business by helping her by making a website. i would save some money for her and give to invest in that small business. i would try to print pampletesĀ of her business and would let her small business spread
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Having willingness and interest is very important for a good career.
Although "My parents" are right about continuing to study, My steps that I would suggest to help resolve the issue:

I suggest making a small company for a start. As A young entrepreneur, I would suggest my sister to use her creative ideas and make the items (pots and vases) and sell the on weekends.
So on weekdays she can continue with her studies

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