1.Your friend has weak eye sight. He is unable to see the writing on the board but refuse to wear his glasses. As a result, he isn’t able to do well in his class assignments . Discuss with your partner. a. Hoe you would encourage him to wear glasses? b. What you would say to convince him?



In this Cases, we should tell our friend about the dis advantages of weak Eyesight, like headache, blur-vision etc. we have to realize him that if he didn't take care to his eyes then he will definitely spoil his life. We should advise him  to take a eye-specialist check-up in every six months. To remain his eyes healthy. we will only tell him that if he doesn't wears wear glasses he wouldn't be able to to the tasks given by the teachers as well as he even not able to read anything on the blackboard and this will  results in bad marks