You come across cases of throwing food items and eatables in your class dustbins. You feel this is worrying situation. Discuss with your partner: • What other problems do you think this could cause? • What should your reaction be? • How should other students react to something like this? • What could you tell your parents about this? • How would you help to solve this problem? • Why do you think this happened? • What can you say to help your friends change their attitude? • What do you think could be the reaction of others towards the one who throws food items? • How will you change the response of the others to such children?



It should be told to that students that there are some people in our country who doesn't get even the food required for living..there are many cases of deaths of people because of starvation..if god have given us the capacity and power to buy enough food for us,for living a good life we shouldn't waste the food like this
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