that day I went to school I was told by the gate keeper that is was a holiday along with me there was my gang. we all have decided to play some games and then return back to our home. as per the plan we went to the play ground so that we can play there football first and then followed up by other games. so we started playing football but there was no football with us to play. it was bit embarrassing for every one of us then we thought why not some other game. so we were discussing what to play and what not to play. then one of my friend said shall we play hide and seek. as every one agreed we all started playing but then there was a heavy rain. it was raining heavily which was a bad luck for us. until the rain stops we all went to one of gang member's house. we all were there only till the rain gets clam down and so that we can go home safely. the rain stopped after 3 hours because it was rainy season the rain just got clam down we all started moving towards their home. I reached home safely.

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