This for Asl . My question is your friend has not done as well she expected to do in her exams. She's upset and now blames the teacher for her performance. Discuss with your partner what would you do to help her get over her disappointment and move forward and to help her to think about ways to improve her grades in future.



The answer is your friend did not studied  well  and blaming the the teacher is bad because they have done there job . and if she do  not no the answers and she blames the teacher is hears mistake

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To let her over the disappointment i think I would calm her down, with confidence will try to explain that what if she can't score good marks, she should try hard in the future !!!
and the second thing; blaming the teacher isn't good. The only solution is to attend the classes regularly and listen to the teacher .. and afterwards if she find the that she is not able to understand what the teacher is trying to tell then she should personally go to her and tell her the problem she is facing and how could she get over it .. Please mark as a Brainliest