You see a lot of people in your locality dumping garbage and literals in one of the empty plot in the area. This leads to a serious condition of flies bacteria and other germs moreover stray animal like cow dog and also wersion the the situation and the place has turned into mass discuss with your partner 1) what are the problems do you think this could cause 2) how should other people react this to something like this 3) how can you create awareness regarding such things 4) what impression do you think the children's form of us 5) due to this problem what do you think will be the reaction of foreign tourist to this



1) this would cause the spread of many dangerous diseases like dengue and malaria.
2) other people should immediately stop the one who dump the garbage on that empty plot.
3) we can make posters and put them on the notice boards.
4)children's learns the things they which they see their elders they also do the same thing.
5) it will create a very bad impression on the tourists.
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