I kris hand my frnd loki went to kashmir and enjoyed a lot and we cannot adjusted with that climatic conditions and we got cold and fever but enjoyed a lot by seeing such an wonderful places any way it is a better experience
This holiday was a real fun as I went with my friend to a hill station....guess where? Shimla. it was a real fun as we were packing our bags for the trip. I couldn't sleep the whole night. next day morning I got up at 6:00 am. I couldn't wait to go. mummy and papa boarded us on the train. I felt like I was in heaven. we couldn't sit at a place. we were jumping like monkeys. next day when I was in Shimla I was so excited to play with the snow. as soon as we reached in the hotel we were jumping on the bed. when I went to bathe, the water was so cold. then we ate something and we were off to explore Shimla. I need to say we weren't seeing the time as we didn't care about anyone. we were playing with snow, we went to huge mountains, there was so much of greenery. when we came to the hotel we drank some delicious food and ate our dinner(since we returned in the night). we changed our clothes and we soon fell asleep. this was the best holiday ever of my life with my best friend.:):):)
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