Your friend has a hearing disability. she is teased by her classmates and is hurt and annoyed by their behaviour. you feel that the matter has to be addressed before it become serious and affects her deeply. discuss with your partner- how you can help your friend and how you should address the matter



I would tell my friend who has a hearing disability to speak very slowly with the ones who teased her , when she will say anyting to them slowly, they will say that what did you speak , then i will tell her to say them that 'Oh i didn't knew that you too have hearing problem' Its a bit rude but they will stop telling her like that again .
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First ,all we should do is to make her understand that we are on her support. Then we'll have to first try to make her classmates understand that this is not at all good thing. otherwise we should go straight to the class teacher and complain about this matter....
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