Media means the medium through which we learn and exchange news and information.  Media is the intermediary between people, celebrities, people and politicians, sportsmen, and filmy personalities.  Most of the people start their day with a cup of coffee and a newspaper.  Often people are eager to finish reading the weekly magazines they like and subscribe to.

    Media include newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and the latest being the internet on computers and on mobile phones.  Earlier people used to run media manually.  There was a lot of difficulty in the job and limitation of information exchange.  Now, due to the internet, web & mobile cameras, and web technologies, the media and networking jobs have become very easy.  Also, people are able to benefit much more.

     The networking here means interaction with friends, relavtives and colleagues world over.  Networking in the old days used to difficult for people had to travel from one place to another to meet personally or, talk on phones, but with only some satisfaction.

    Social media and networking sites like facebook, linkedin, youtube, whatsapp, messenger sites etc. allow people to quickly exchange important information, keep in touch, cheaply just on a few clicks.  Now, that keeps the young and adults busy and entertained most of the time.  There are many educational networking sites too for collaborative and interactive learning and contributing experience.