History is the study of past events, particularly how they relate to human lives. History is basically concerned with the overall achievements, events, occurrences and happenings of the entire human population. Since these events and occurrences have taken place hundreds of years ago, we have no way of knowing the first-hand experience or direct knowledge of those who lived during that era. 

A legend is a popular narrative that is usually perceived to be true, but not validated by evidence. Many legends function within the area of uncertainty, never being entirely believed by the listeners, but also never being resolutely doubted. Legends tend to be plausible because of their historical event or location. However, in spite of this tie, there is no evidence to prove that these events actually took place.
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History can be understood as a record of past events. However, a Legend is a traditional story that may or may not be true. Therefore, the key difference between the two is that, while History is based on actual events and consists of a factual basis, a Legend may not. Hope it helps! ✌️