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Me : Hello Riti ! Riti : Hello Anushka ! How are you ? Me : I am fine but i have a problem with you. Riti : Why what happend ? Me : You have a habit of littering on the street. Riti : Oh sorry ! Me : No need to say sorry dear . I told you because it is polluting our environment. Riti : Yes , you are right . I should not litter like this. Me : Yes , you should throw wastes in dustbins . Riti : Ya , from today i will throw wastes in it. Me : Yes , we should try to keep our environment clean and sincerely take part in swachh bharat abhiyan. Riti : Yes , every citizen of the country should try to keep thier surroundings clean. Me : Due to polluted environment we may have many problems. Riti : Plants and animals can also have many problems. Me : Yes Riti , when we litter then animals such as cows etc. come and eat waste food . And this is unhealthy for them. Riti : Thanks Anushka for guiding me . HOPE HELPED U PLZ MARK IT BEST :)