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Hello. I had my ASL today. So, I can tell you the question I got. Question - People nowadays scribble and write their name's on the wall's of monument's. This really upset's you. What would you do against this? Here is the answer that I (along with my partner) gave- Answer - These monument's are of a huge value to our country. They have been existing on Earth for a long time, and it is our responsibility to let them remain in the condition they remained all these year's. Also, these monument's were made with a lot of effort, hardwork and time, and therefore, we should appreciate the effort's of those who build such monument's, and show to respect to them. Creating awareness among the people about this is very important. (You may also say anything else as an answer, if you wish) This is the question I got. You may get any question. Good luck for your ASL! Hope this helps. ✌️
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