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The people of the north eastern part of India enjoy being rightful citizens of this proud nation which fervently believes in diversity,tolerance and secular vision.
Some of the points regarding the integration of the people living in the north-east with the rest of India are;-
1)By improving the rail,road and air connectivity the journey of the people towards this region will increase and the connection of the "seven sisters" with other states will also increase.This will increase the economic development of the states.
2)By sensitizing the people to accept and diversity.By accepting and respecting others,the country's harmony will become rich.
3)By generating employment oppertunities among the youths of the states will help in the integration of the people.
4)The media have a very important role in this process.They can give more concentration to the activities done by these states and their people so that they will be more integrated.
5)By developing Northeast as a tourist hot spot.North east is indeed a paradise unexplored and one of the best destinations for nature lovers,trekkers and wildlife enthusiasts.It is one of the most treasured and eco-friendly  areas in India with vast natural resources and in a cauldron of different cultures.So it will be a huge success being a tourist spot.
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