Imagine yourself as a member of a rural Self Help Group. Develop a plan according
to which your organization will be helping the poor financially.

Q2: Chinese toys have taken over the Indian toy market due to globalization and
promotion of international trade leading to huge losses to Indian toy manufacturers.
Do you think the mantra of “Boycott and Swadeshi” would be of any help today?
Why or why not?



Case studies Introduction A summary of the case analysis process C-2 Preparing an effective case analysis – the full story C-5 Case 1 Hearing with the aid of implanted technology: The case of Cochlear™, an Australian high-technology leader C-19 Case 2 The Australian retail wars: Coles Myer and Woolworths battle for brand value C-26 Case 3 Profitably managing growth from start-up to 2000 C-32 Case 4 Gillette and the men’s wet-shaving market C-50 Case 5 Gunns and the greens: Governance issues in Tasmania C-70 Case 6 Growth at Hubbard’s Foods? C-79 Case 7 Incat Tasmania’s race for international success: Blue-riband strategies C-89 Case 8 The Golden Arches in India: A case of strategic adaptation C-95 Case 9 Monsanto: Better living through genetic engineering? C-106 Case 10 Nucor Corporation and the US steel industry C-121 Case 11 Philip Condit and the Boeing 777: From design and development to production and sales C-152 Case 12 Resene Paints C-168 Case 13 Sony Corporation: The vision of tomorrow C-184
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