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Respected teacher and my dear friend good morning today im going to talk about sports and games Sports and games are different games are played indoor while sports are played outdoor. They are played for different purpose in different lives . Games are played for pleasure enjoyment and timepass while sports are played for commercial purpose or as a co curricular activity. Gamea does not benefit to u completely but sports benefits both helath and money ways. Sports and games are played for building healthy body for stressed free mind etc. Even MAHATMA GANDHI has lamented for not including games and sports in his busy scheduled lyf . Many people regret not able to play . In our daily life like religion studies games and sports are also a part of life. GAMES make you connected with ur friends relatives fMily etc. Therefore I conclude that games and sports are the part of life which cannot be missed if missed that may cause a great disaster THANK YOU AND HAVE A NICE DAY
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