A family can live in a house and if they are always arguing and not getting along then it's not a home. A home is the people in it ... they care about each other, are loyal, laugh together, play together and are normally happy, but not without some trials and tribulations along the way. It's the way family acts towards each other that either just makes it a house (wood, stone, siding, etc.) or a home with great personalities.
A house is a domestic shelter but a home is where one's domestic affections are centered 
A house is building where you are living for temporarily basis without your family. but home is just opposite of house, where you are living with your family

A house is made bricks .mortar and stones, in some cases in wood too.A home is not the sameA home is different.A home is where congenial people live, love each other, forgive each other,understand more each other, live in peace and avoid frictions at every count.A home is a place where the children will be happy and creative in thinking and positive in attitude.At a home everything will be in its place and you can easily find what you want.Home is always a sweet home (with exceptions depending upon who are the occupants andHouse is different .
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Home is the place where we stay. Our home is a wonderful place to stay. In our home we all are bonded with lots of memories and lots of fun. Home is the place where after a long time work we feel relaxed. Our home is like a heaven.
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