Bolivia is a poor country in latin america. The world bank pressurized the govt to give up its control of muncipality water supply. The govt sold these rights for the city of cochabamba to a multi national company. The company immediately increased the price of water by 4x. Many people recieved a monthly water bill of a equivalent of rs1000 in acountry where the average income is around rs5000 a led to a spontaneois popular jan 2005 a new alliance of labour, human rights and community leaders organised a successful four day general strikr in the city. The power of people forced the officials of MNC to flee the city and made the govt concede to all the demands of the protestors. The contact with the mnc was cancelled and water supply was restored to muncipaloty at old rates. This shows sometimes democracy trying to b3nefit its people can make there own people suffer.
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