Your friend uses brainly. His rank is expert but the quality of answers is not so good, he has got most of his points by making guesses. Also, he asks the person to mark his answer the brainliest, this sometimes gets irritating.
In 100 to 200 words explain him why he does not deserve to be at that rank and why he should not ask others to rate his answer as the brainliest.



The Brainliest Answer!
Well! this site is quite passively made for helping other users by answering the questions they ask. now if they have helped you they also deserve a thanks and if the answer is too good he/she needs it to get marked as best by the asker. but it is your choice how you take it when someone asks or requests you to do so. this best ans will help them in gaining next rank. the brainly user who has asked this ques will understand the value of single best answer for next rank when you'll go to next level..

btw the asker aka URAV i m not requesting you but still if you feel like mark my answer as best...and i know this is against ur ques :P

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kk :)
till then you send me frnd request if u think v can be frnds
already dne. :d
already accepted
He gains expert rank by answering so I say that we must appreciate his helping mentality.