Can someone tell me a moderate leader during the INC period (national movement ) . can someone also tell me how the leader would have written a petition to the British Govt.,
highlighting the British policies about industrialization and HOW they helped in the growth of industrialization.



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1. The Moderates were able to create a wide national awakening among the people.
2. They popularized the ideas of democracy, civil liberties and representative institutions.
3. They explained how the British were exploiting Indians. Particularly, Dadabhai Naoroji in his famous book Poverty and UnBritish Rule in India wrote his Drain Theory. He showed how India’s wealth was going away to England
4. Some Moderates like Ranade and Gokhale favoured social reforms. They protested against child marriage and widowhood.
5. The Moderates had succeeded in getting the expansion of the legislative councils by the Indian Councils Act of 1892.
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Gohkale wasthe moderate in INC
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