It is our great Indian culture that is the only misterious and interesting thing which would more than enough to fill all the books in the world
 India is a wondrful place having the following timeline- The Vedic Age [Prehistory to 600 B.C.]
 The Age of Imperial Unity [600 B.C. to 320 A.D.]
 The Classical Age [320-750 A.D.]
 The Age of Imperial Kanauj [750-1000 A.D.]
 The Struggle for Empire [1000-1300 A.D.]
 The Delhi Sultanate [1300-1526]
 The Mughul Empire [1526-1707]
 The Maratha Supremacy [1707-1818]
 British Paramountcy and Indian Renaissance, Part 1 [1818-1905]
 Struggle for Freedom [1905-1947]
finally free India....

talking about our culture then i have to say we had the culture of respecting every elderly person.....moreover only in India we respect teachers so much that he is given the immediate place after our parents.......if u understand hindi....then understand this-"guru brahma, guru vishnu, guru devo maheswara, guru sakshath parabrahma, thasmy sri guruve namaha"..(if i'm not wrong)
so i can say it is impossible to for anyone to define India's true culture....
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The History and Culture of the Indian People is a series of eleven volumes on the history of India, from prehistoric times to the establishment of the modern state in 1947.
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