TIP: When discussing an issue like noise with your neighbors, focus on why the noise is a problem, and propose a reasonable solution. Don’t just attack your neighbors for being loud, as this will simply put them on the defensive. For example, say “I work very early in the morning and need my rest, so I’d appreciate it if you could lower the volume of your music after 11:00 p.m. on weeknights,” instead of “You’re so loud all the time—can’t you knock it off?” The first approach will almost certainly get you better results. More specific techniques for approaching noisy neighbors can be found here.
go to your neighbor and just say this much in one go-

Living in a society means not just living your life decently but also helping those around you lead their life decently! Being a free nation, no one has the right to push someone out of their beds, especially using the ultimate means of sound! 
Ask any one, sound is a wave and waves are disturbance! Causing disturbance to fellow human beings is a merciless game! It can easily gift you with black eyes, police files, court rooms or even angry neighbors! If your time is bad something worse can even happen!
Nights are to be quiet, you usually complain and torture Lord for your needs the entire day and the only time in the 24 hours he rests is during the night; That's his need! don't force him to splash thunder bolting at you for disturbing him with beats and waves at night! He can be aggressive too!

things are going bad for you and me! This is a good time for me but a bad one for you, especially if you can recognize that I was once the boxing champion of our school! I would like to extend my practice to my neighbor hoods too, and now i think you are the best one to practice with!
see you tomorrow morning!
turn down the volume at least or you may not be able to sense the direction from which you are getting hit!  

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