Instead of putting banners or handbills everywhere they could put a big boards so that everyone can see instead of putting small papers everywhere. And, also tell about the importance of our national heritage. So, that they will stop doing such things. 
Election is one of the most daring competition in politics world wide!
Banners and posters had already became the common way of campaign!
Party members can't stick their party posters on to any private property, why not? They know then they will be slapped right on their face by the owners; therefore they find happiness in sticking it on to public properties!

the government must issue a strict law about the correct way of campaign! posters, handbills, plastic banners etc must be strictly prohibited during elections! candidates can depend on advertisements and media, after all this is a technical era!
the perfect way to campaign is not just to show them who you are but also to show others what you can do for them! Encourage speeches more than posters!
And one more thing, just don't stand there watching the posters and handbills on the public properties, take initiative to clean them! always put on 'a clean my city day' after each elections! Work it in schools and neighbor hoods and try to gain some media attention too, coz it can help others to recognize what you are doing!
Group up an association to work with you and fix your 'society day'! 
you can also respond to these through social networks and thus raise an awareness about it's demerits!
Give enough notifications to the candidates on this matter and also join hands with the national eco-clubs in your town, a national institution can strengthen you more!
Always collect support from authorities, parents and women's associations which are strong in influencing people!
spread awareness about debris  free nation and start up a revolution-
it is a chance to mark your name in the HISTORY!

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