Though the soldiers,no matter which country they belong to,make sacrifices daily in order to protect the borders of their nation from uninvited invasion.The residents of a country sleep peacefully while the soldiers of the country are awake,fully alert keeping a steady eye on the borders..
Most of the time,the stories of their sacrifice goes down unnoticed but their are some heroic tales of our soldiers that have been able to attract our attention.

1) Sourabh Chaabda
This man was an officer of the Indian Army and was posted to Kargil during the Kargil war.He was kidnapped by the Pakistaani soldiers and was taken to their camp where he was tortured to the highest degree,one could ever think of.The Pakistaani soldiers wanted him to reveal the confidential information regarding the position and attack plans of the Indian forces but he refused.They put hot iron rod into his ear from one side and took it out from the other.His eyes were poked out using fingers.He was mercilessly beaten and then shot uncountable number of times.

2.) Shaitan Singh.
Shaitan singh was a soldier of the Indian Army and sacrificed his life during the war with China.He,when found that they are heavily outnumbered by the chinese soldiers,sent his fellow soldiers away and fixed all the guns he had around him.He took more than 20 bullets when the chinese soldiers first found his position.But he had no plan to die that easily.He pretended to be dead and when the chinese soldiers were at ease,opened fire at them.Later he was shot nearly 200 times.Even today,the new army cadets are required to take their oath in front of the statue of martyr Shaitan Singh.

Hope that's helpful. :)
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