Mainly 3 types
present,past and future tenses

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Tenses are one of the main problem when it comes to English, isn't it? they make us tensed! pretty name though!
Actually there are 12 kinds of tenses say, let's categories it into 3-
1a- present simple tense                          -action in present time done on regular                                                                     basis or universal fact
1b- present continuous tense                   -continued or ongoing action at                                                                                 present time
1c- present perfect tense                         -action completed or ongoing near                                                                           past
1d- present prefect continuous tense       -action completed or ongoing even                                                                         now

2a- past simple tense                                 -action in past
2b- past continuous tense                          -ongoing action occurred in past 
2c- past perfect tense                                 -action occurred long time ago 
2d- past perfect continuous tense              -action started in past and completed                                                                       in past
Gosh! Same way with future too-

3a-future simple tense                                 -will in future
3b-future continuous tense                          -ongoing action in future
3c-future perfect tense                                 -will work out and complete in future
3d-future perfect continuous tense              -will start in future and will continue                                                                          for sometime in future!

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