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Two roads diverged in a yellow wood -two roads were separateed and gone in different                                                             directions
and sorry i could not travel the both -i cannot take both roads
and be one traveller long i stood -and for thinking of one road long i stood
and looked down as far as i could -and seeing where the roads are going and whats at                                                        the end
to where it bent in the undergrowth -but i can't see because trees are benting towards                                                         each other

then took the other as just as fair -then i think to took another with fair
and having perhaps the better claim -then think whats better
because it was grassy and wanted wear -because it was so grassy and no one passing                                                              from here choose that 
though as for that the passing there -everyone passing from here choose that one
had worn them really about the same -and they have worn that road

and both that morning equally lay -and both that morning finished in thinking
in leaves no step had trodden black -and the leaves of the another road are as good                                                          no one has worn them
oh i kept the first for another one -and i leave first for another time
yet knowing how way leads on to way -
i doubted if i should ever come back -then i thought that i will ever come back here to                                                         choose another road

i shall be telling this with a sigh -i will tell this happily in the future
somewhere ages and ages hence -sometime in the past 
two roads diverged in a yellow wood -two roads were separated and went in different                                                       directions in a forest
i took one less travell by -and i have taken the road that is less travelled
and that make all the difference -and that make the diffence for my life

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. two roads are infront of the writer and he is very sad because he could not travel on both roads, he looked the first road and he saw that it was having a bent.The both roads seemed to be beautiful , so the writer is in a confusion that which road he would choose one road was less travelled because it looked grassy.Suddenly he notices that both roads were equally worn.Both roads looked fresh because there was no sign of footsteps on either of the side of the road this morning.He decided to took the second road and he kept the first for another day even though he was not sure that if he could return back. At last writer says that after many years  he would happy because of his decision
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