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.Putting Television Radiation in Perspective

Man cannot escape exposure to some radiation. We are surrounded by natural radioactivity in the earth and by cosmic rays from outer space. This is called background radiation and cannot be controlled. We are also exposed to manmade radiation, which can and must be controlled.

Much of the manmade radiation people are exposed to comes from electronic products. These include diagnostic x-ray machines, television sets, microwave ovens, radar devices, and lasers. In some cases, as with diagnostic x-rays, radiation emitted from these devices is intentional and serves a useful purpose. In others, as with TV sets, radiation emitted is not intentional and is not essential to the use of the product.

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Radiations from television is one of the causes of increasing eye problems in India.Though various television manufacturers have launched LED's now that come with retina display but still majority of the population still uses the old,traditional television.Sitting too close to the television and watching it for long hours,if practiced regularly,can cause some serious eye issues such as colour blurdness,colour blindness,weak eyesight etc.Radiation from televisions can have very adverse effects on the retina of our eye,and a healty retina in inevitable in order to see things clearly.So the users of these traditional televesions are advised not to sit too close to the television and if possible,make an effort to upgrade their model. Hope that's helpful. :)