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I am going to speak for the topic.
As we know in today's generation the world is now a servant of science as we feel it is impossible to live without it.Now we click a remote we get instant coolness,when we click on a switch the room gets flooded with light.But sometimes due to this we get shock if there is any faulty wiring we can die if we touch the wire.It may cause fire and loss to property in great amount.
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Introduction:hi gud morning or evening im so and so from _____ grade here in front of you to debate on the topic"........................" and im for/against the motion  
against the motion:
1)gives us day to day information within seconds
2)makes work to humans
3)refreshment to one

for the motion
1)deviates ones mind
2)not safe for children
3)time consuming
 hope this is helpful :)
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