Power sharing means sharing of power amoung different political institutions and groups  these are two sets of reasons which make power sharing deserable .
they are as follows;
* reduses the possibility of  conflicts btween different countries.
* prevents groups from overstepping their rights to enhance their own power .
* no single group can subvert the constitution .
* pover sharing unites the nation.
* when power is not shared it opperesses the minority and majority is ruined.
moral reason
* the spirit of democracy calls for power sharing.
* people who are affected by the policies must have a hand in shaping those policies.
* citizens partipation is a must.
* moral reasons make power sharing essential and valuable.
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What is difference between vertical and horizontal division of power??
horizontal power sharing is the sharing of power between different organs of government between legislative,exicutiveand judiciary.
*central government ,state government ,district government.
district government sub divided into panchayath,muncipality, corporation,block
it is sub divided into wards for easy administration.