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A life without Hobie's and Interests is like food without Salt
Hobie's are the activities which we do in our leisure time to have pleasure. There are no. of Hobie's people practise like playing, singing, dancing, acting, mimicry, collecting stamps, gardening,drawing, sketching, even sleeping is a hobie.
Interests- It is something or someone for we are curious about. We have not ever in our life experimented or experienced that thing but want to do it
For eg - if I have heard about a music album, then I am super curious about it and want to listen to it but not have done it yet. So in this case I m interested in listening to that album..
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what are hobbies?

hobbies are activities which we do regularly in our leisure time for pleasure.there are many different types of hobbies like drawing , painting , sketching , dancing , singing , even sleeping , listening to songs , playing games , reading books and many more.the list of hobbies is just never ending.

what is an interest?

the state of wanting to know about something or interest is something or someone that is very enthusiastic.


hobbies and interests are connected to each other.hobbies are those things we like to do in our free time and we are very desperate to know more about what we like to do.this is called interest.


we all should have hobbies and interests as they are the things which gives us a lot of pleasure and peace to our heart and as well as our mind.