MENDELEEV periodic table:
                                 Here, hydrogen was not given a specific place.
                                 This periodic table was based on mass number.
                                 It has eight vertical columns called groups and 12 horizondal rows called periods.
                                seperation of metals and non metals cannot be distinguished from each other.
                                 Iso topes are not given place

                                  Hydrogen was given a correct place
                                  This periodic table was based on atomic number.
                                  it contain 7 horizontal rows called periods and 18 vertical columns called groups
                                 Separation of metals and non metals can be distinguished from each other.
                                 Iso topes was given its places
* Modern periodic(MP) table is organized by increasing atomic number & Mendeleev's(M) by increasing atomic mass.
* MP table is organized in a grid system & M table organized in list
* MP table contains 103 elements & Mendeleev table contains only 66 elements
* Mendeleev table were gaps for undiscovered elements & MP table has a uniformity
* MP table contains 7 periods and 16 groups & Mendeleev table contains 12 periods and 8 groups
few more common points
# There are no separation of metal & non metal in Mendeleev
# There are no place for isotopes in Mendeleev
# there are to many confusions in the position of Hyderogen in Mendeleev table