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Littering of garbage has become a very serious problem nowadays.But majority people are not at all considering it as an important issue .They are only on the race to keep their property clean only.But we should see that our nature is our mother ,if we will harm her we will only be the organisms who have to suffer.
1)Littering not only causes insect problems.It also causes environmental problems which will indeed cause health problems like many diseases and many allergies also.
2)If I was resident of that area I might have complained about to the resident associations or other conserned authorities.
3)Other people who are like me who care for our environment will also react in the same way I reacted.
4)I can create awareness among the people by conducting some classes for them discussing the importance of nature and the importance of cleanliness and how both these factors are important in our life.And like wise i can do some small small things to make my environment neater.
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