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Let's assume that the name of the 2 boys was Abhishek and Arnav.

Arnav: Hurry up,we are already too late.If we don't reach the school in 5minutes, we are so gone.

Abhishek: yeah,common let's run.
*a minute later*
Abhishek:Hold on a second Arnav,there is a cat on that side of the road and her leg seems to be hurt.
Arnav:We don't have time for this,we need to get into the school quickly.
Abhishek: But what about the cat??
Arnav: Someone will take care of her,plenty of people are around.
Abhishek: one seem to notice it.I'm going to help the cat,so if you want to can.
Arnav:Are you out of you mind?? what excuse will you give to the Principle when she'll ask you 'why you are late??' You think she is going to believe you that you were helping an injured cat?Don't be silly,we are already late.
Abhishekl: I'm not going anywhere untill I've made sure she's fine.
*Arnav realises that Abhishek really means what he's said*
Arnav:Fine, let's quickly cross the road.
*They cross the road and come to the spot where the cat is lying,trying t raise herself up but not able to.
Abhishek: Oh my God,she's been hurt by something,look her leg isa bit inwardly twisted.
Arnav:Yeah,poor cat.What we are going to do now??
Abhishek:Take out your water bottle and offer her to drink some.In the meanwhile I'll open my lunchbox.
*They both offer their food to the cat which the cat ate.They put her far from the road at a safe place in a park and then returned to the main road.Arnav realises how wrong it was of him to think of leaving the cat without helping it.*
Arnav: I'm sorry I told you not to help the cat.
Abhishek:It's fine Arnav and see,you too are so happy after helping the cat.Now let's start running,we still have time.
*They run towards their school*
*Don't know if they made it on time but they certainly displayed amazing quality of mercy and humanity.*

Hope that's what you asked for. :)