So when u ask a question u lose a specific amount of points frm ur account. And gain points by answering the questions of other users. After u recieve some specific amount of points u level up. If other users find ur answer helpful theyll thank u and if ur answer id the best theyll mark it as the brainliest. u can make friends and learn alot theough this app.
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how to make friends
Go to their account and presss the add as friend to s3nd thm a friend request its similar to facebook
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BRAINLY APP is social learning networks for students or educators .it founded on september 2005 .brainly can help to solving your problems and give knowledge about particular things . it give encouragement by giving brainliest.It uses the features of a social network to connect users who intend to share their knowledge and experience with the online community.
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how to make frnz
first u any one's profile and then u click the add friend button then he or she saw or invitation then he or she accept ur friendship