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Nucleus:  Structure: it contains 1 nuclear envelope ( gateway to the nucleus) 2 Chromosomes ( genetic containers) 3 nucleolus ( preassembly point for ribosomes)  Function:it directs the chemical reactions in cells by transcribing genetic information from DNA into RNA. nucleus also stores genetic information & transfers it during cell division from one cell to the Controlss cell's genetic program & metabolic activities. 
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Consider this:   A nucleus is located at the center of the cell. all the electrons revolve around the nucleus.  Nucleus consists of protons and neutrons sharing energy in form of pions.
i meant center of the *atom
Nucleus is known as the brain of the cell. It controls all the functions of he cell. It is the control centre of the cell. A cell cannot live long without a nucleus. The jelly like material present inside he nucleus is called nucleoplasm. The nucleus coverd a thin membrane called nuclear membrane. Inside he nucleus there are thread like substances called chromosomes. These contain the hereditary information about the organism.
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