Your friend is good at English, geography and history.However his parents want him to pursue science and become a doctor even though he is not very good at science.
What you and your classmates could do to assist your friend?
How can your teacher/ school counsellor be helpful in solving the problem?
What challenges your friend will have to face to overcome the situation?
what do you think your friend could do to convince his parents?
Would it be a good idea to involve his parents? why/ why not?
what issues will arise?
What would you do if his parents didn't agree?
What can you tell his parents to counter the view?



1) Me and my classmates will motivate him and try to not depress him.
2) He/she can help my friend by explain the topics and clarifying the doubts.
3) He will face many problems;
      1) He tries to read at home he may be distracted by anything.
      2)                      "                               get homeworks.
4) He can say that by telling his to have a conversation with his parents.
5) No, because they are uneducated

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