Earlier day's people did their business using physical entities. After industrial revolution new inventories, new technology, new equipment had introduced the world .because of that reason business world had been wider and more competitive than it was. Therefore lots of marketers try to find new techniques to improve their business and get competitive advantages.Then the internet had been found the world and globalization concept entered to the market. As a result of those things the world become to global village. Because of that reason marketers had open new business opportunities .then the business world had become more and more competitive. Business environment had been mare complex and complicated. Then marketers had to face huge competition and they have to find new marketing strategies to face this competition. Because of that reason marketers try to use internet to do their businesses. As a result of internet, the market space was expanding. Then e-commerce- business and e-marketing come to the business world. E- Marketing continues to grow rapidly in both sophistication and integration with main stream marketing communication as more and more marketers embrace the on line opportunities.