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since here, "we" means us humans who are made up of matter.
and matter can't travel with the speed of light.
if matter travels at the speed of light, its mass would become infinite and hence, it would attract everything in the universe with infinite force of gravity and the whole universe would collapse around it
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yup, thx
your'e welcome :
plz answer the second question too..about the observers of light
I fear I would not be able to answer that well.. because sometimes I feel that theory of relativity contradicts that, im not sure.. and I dont know theory of relativity well cuz im just in tenth. 
not at all the reserch of quantum mechanics tells that any partical or molecule cannot reach speed of light
but,as i said...even nutrino has a mass,but it is still able to travel at light speed
no they do not travel in speed of light its mass is10vm which is very less so it has kinda less speed than light or photons