. Rain in the hills and rain the desert present entirely different scenario. In the hills it revitalises the greenery and freshens the vegetation; it waters the parched land and relieves the thirsty and panting souls in the desert.
This has been a year of scanty rains. Imagine how the rain would be welcomed when it pours in the hills and in the desert after a long dry spell. Choose one of the places and describe
a) What are you likely to see?
b) What would happen to the rain water?
c) What would be the scene before and after the rain?
english literature p12 song of the rain class 9



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A)The rain revitalises the greenery washing out all dust and dust particles from plants,trees and their leaves .The rain refreshes the vegetation which comes to life again with the arrival of the rain.

b)The rain water flows from the tops of the hills into small channels and brooks and soon takes the shape of the river.

c)No doubt, greenery and vegetation were there even before the rain.But its appearance was dull and dusty. After the rain,everything looks refreshed,more green and full of life.
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