So there are two friends named riya and sweta talking about school playground....

riya : hii shreya how are you ?
shreya : hello riya m fine and what about you ?
riya : I am also fine but iam think that if our school have playground then its better for students.
shreya: yes you are right many times I also thought about this..
riya : our school must have one playground.
shreya : yes because there is no playground childrens playing close to the road and because this chances of accidents are more.
riya : In past many accidents took place here when childrens are playing close to the roads and it is unforgettable .
shreya : I think we all students go to the principle and will do request for providing us a playground I swere she will understand her students.
riya : yes we should talk to principal ma'am once about this....
shreya: our break is over now we should go to our class bye..
riya : byee...