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Mere school mai jo mile wohi de ri hun-
Q1.Who inaugurated the 35th Indian International  Trade Fair?
A.     Shri.Pranab Mukherjee
Q2. Who is the Union Tribal Affairs Minister?
A.     Shri Jual Oram
Q3.When did the Minister of Railways announce India’s first double decker  Shatabdi train?
A.     23rd October 2015
Q4.Name the first woman President of Nepal
A.     Bidhya Devi Bhandari
Q5.Which is the third most common language in Canada ?
A.     Canada
Q6.Name the Indian archer who won a medal in archery world cup final in Mexico
A.     Abhishek Verma
Q7.Who was the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix Title
A.     Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton
Q8.Who bagged the silver medal in the Archery World Cup held in Mexico city on 26th October 2015?
A.     Deepika Kumari
Q9.Name the Indian Para-athlete who won Silver Medal in Men’s club throw F51 Event in the IPC Athletics World Championships in Doha , Qatar
A.     Amit Kumar
Q10. Give names of the following :-
A. 1.Chinese President – Xi Jinping
2.British Prime Minister –David Cameron  
Q.11. When did Ministry of Defence approve the induction of women into the combat stream of Indian Air Force?
A.  24th October

Q12.Name the first metro service in the country whichis certified with 150 rating for efficient energy management
A.     The Delhi Metro
Q13. Name the third Sanskrit Feature Film to be made in India
A.     Priyamanasam
Q14.Name the new scheme of the Indian Railways that promises a confirmed seat in an alternate train to the passengers if they opt for an option while booking online
A.     Vikalp
Q15. Name the State Governor who signed the bill in California which allows terminally ill patients to legally end their lives under a doctor’s supervision
A.     Jerry Brown
Q16. Name the program for which Government of India and Federal Republic of Germany signed two loan agreements worth 125 million Euros
A.     Green Energy Corridor Program
Q17.Name the Declaration which was signed by BRICS NATIONAL (Brazil,Russia,India,China and South Africa) for co-investment of resources for supporting multilateral Research and Development projects in mutually agreed areas
Q18.Where  the Indian-African Forum Summit (IAFS) 2015 held?
A.     New Delhi (Indira Gandhi Stadium Complex)
Q19.Name the sports man who became the fastest Indian bowler to reach 150 test wickets
A.     Ravichandran Ashwin
Q20.Who won the inaugural title of World League Final?
A.     Netherlands
Q21.Who bagged the European Tour Golfer of the Year award in 2015? A.     Rony Mellroy  
Q22.Name one Indian boxer who has received 10 C Olympic Scholarship
A.     Shiva Q23.
Name first woman President of Nepal
A.     Bidhya Devi Bhandari 
Q24.When was ONE CHILD POLICY  scrapped in China?
A.     29th October,2015
Q.25 Which agreement was signed between UK and China?     
A. Strategic Investment Agreement
Who was appointed as the chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NFT Aayog on 7th January 2016?

A.     Amitabh Kant
Q27. Name the state that on 6th January 2016 scrapped the management quota and all other   quotas, in private schools for nursery admissions. A.     Delhi
Q28. Name the South African cricketer who resigned on 6th January 2016 as test captain of South Africa ?
A.     Hashim Amla
Q29.Name the Indian and France counter terrorism and counter insurgency joint exercise that started on 8th January 2016
A.     Shakti 2016
Q30.Name the external affairs minister of India
A.     Sushma Swaraj
Q31.Name the classic dancer who died in Ahmedabad
A.     Mrinalini Sarabhai
Q32.Who is to endorse Incredible India
A.     Amitabh Bachchan and Priyanka Chopra
Q33.Airlift movie is based on which war
A.     FIirst Gulf War In 1919
Q34.Name the Indian archer who won a silver medal in Archery World Cup Final held in Mexico
A.     Deepika Kumari
Q35.Which country’s richest man is going to invest in Haryana?
A.     China                    
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