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1.Sperms are male gamete cells.
2.they have 23 chromosomes.
3.during fertilization they fuse with ova.
4.sperms have a nucleus, mitochondria and acrosome.
5.sperms are produced in testes by process called spermatogenesis,
6.their production requires temperature little lower than body temperature
7.they are a part of semen
8.their pathway is:
testes, epididymis, vas deference, urethra, vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tube and ova.
9.50% of sperms contain x chromosome and 50% contain y chromosome 

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1) sperms are the male sex cell or gametes .
2) they contain 23 pairs of chromosomes from which one pair is called special chromosomes . they are X CHROMOSOMES and Y CHROMOSOMES.
3) they mainly consist genetic material and a tail which helps in locomotion to fuse with female gametes.
4)their production in the testes requires temprature less than body temprature that is why testis is located outside the body abdomen.
5) when they travel through vas deferens ,seminal vessicles and prostate gland add their secretion that helps in lubricating and provide them nutrition.