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1) ganga seva abhiyanam
2) ganga calling - save ganga by indian council for enviro-legal action (ICELA)
3) national womens organisation(NWO) 

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Some of the organisations involved in Clean Ganga Campaign are as follows:))).... 1. NGO - called Sankat Mochan Foundation (founded in 1982) in Varanasi launched Swach Ganga Abhiyaan (clean ganga campaign). It is launched by Prof Dr VB Mishra. 2. In 2014, Modi government has set up or is initiating a campaign Clean Ganga , through a commission called : Namami Gange.. 3. An NGO called : National Mission for Clean Ganga or N M C G. 4. CPCB - central pollution control board - part of the government - has a role to play in the prevention of pollution in all rivers including Ganga.
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