The Indian people composed of several racial elements have a range of languages among them. Official accounts confirm that more than two hundred languages are present in this country. Each region has its own language. The local people speak in their own language.In North India, most people speak in Hindi language. While in South India, the language for communication are the dravidian languages such as Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, etc. Further, in West Bengal, there is prominence of Bengali language. The people of Odisha mainly speaks in Oriya language. Besides, Hindi and Dravidian languages and other regional languages, many tribal groupsĀ have their own language. In modern times, English language has played an important role in unifying the people of the country. English is one of the most popular inter-language among educated class.In different regions, the Hindus use diverse languages, but Sanskrit is widely acknowledged and honored as the language of spiritual scriptures and literature. It was through Sanskrit that the learned community of many of theĀ provinces exchanged their ideas and thoughts. Different languages that are currently used in different provinces owe their origin to Sanskrit.In spite of the fact that there are numerous languages among various races, there is a sense of national unity and oneness among all the Indians. It is this spirit of patriotism that binds us together as one nation.
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In India there is unity in diversity even though people of different caste and religions live yhere wiyh Harmony anf peace. all help each other in their needs