You see a lot of posters sticking on public property as elections are near. This spoils the beauty of your city.Discuss with your partner. 1.what problems do you think this could cause? 2.what should your reaction be? 3.How should people react t to something like this ? 4.How would you solve the problem? 5.How will you explain the matter to your friends? 6.would your efforts make others to realise something? 7.How can you creat awareness regarding such things? 8.How would your parents consider the matter? 9.What could you tell your parents? 10.What do you think people in general are inconsideratte about such matters?




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1. As you already said that this spoils the beauty of our city. It affects the wall and the colour of the wall. And when the posters are removed from the walls, it does nothing but increases the garbage. 2. I know that during the days of elections people do campaign and use the public places to do the advertisement of their party. They do it by sticking posters, throwing pamphlets on the road etc. But with that they should take the responsibility to clean the places where they have stick the posters. 3. People should not ignore it. They should care about their city. If they see the problem related to this then the should complain about it otherwise they should try to clean it by their on. 4. First of all I'll explain about this to the municipality. And secondly I'll try to take the help of my friends and solve the problem on my own. 5. I'll explain it to my friends simply by telling the problem caused by it. 6. I think if I will do the work honestly and properly then definitely people are going to realise that it's not just my duty to keep the city clean, it's the duty of everyone. And I think slowly and slowly they will start keeping their city or neighbouring area clean. We can create awareness regarding such things by telling the people problems caused by this. We need to then tell them that what it causing to the environment and what could be it's harmful effects. 8. They do not talk or think about this matter. But it's our duty to tell them that being the elder citizens of the country it's their duty to keep their surroundings clean. 9. I'll tell my parents the after-effects of not keeping the surrounding clean. And aftereffects of keeping it clean. I'll tell them to the comparative analysis of the area before cleaning and afer cleaning. So that they could understand the importance of clean places as well as city. 10. People are generally inconsiderate towards these matters because they have become so busy in their own life. Even they don't have time for their parents. Then how can they have the time for their city or country? But they should try to take out at least one day, if not one then minimum three to four hours in a week for their country. Because we are the only trustees of this beautiful world. It's our duty to keep it safe and clean. " Save the environment, then only you can save your and your beloved ones life"...
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