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An idea or way of life that we live by, that's culture, and culture affects us all no matter where we live or what we do. We often live and work in these different cultures and we don't even realize it. Music is a huge factor in the way we are affected by our culture. Hence the fact music is in all cultures even in our own way of life. Think about the last time you said something smooth or cool to your girlfriend or guy friend you probably heard it in a love song or rap song. We often take for granted the fact that music is all around us no matter what kind you listen to. You listen to music in your car, in the mall while you are shopping, in the shower, on television and at parties. Music is a key component in any kind of culture; it is a way to express the ideas and beliefs of that culture. Music has been a powerful force throughout history. Its power has affected all aspects of people's lives. The ideas and attitudes people have toward their society can easily be seen in their music. Expression in music comes in every emotion you can think of sad, happy, mellow, anger, peaceful and many others. Music, especially in today's society, brings about certain ways of life or attitudes about life. I often wonder what the next generation has to offer to the wonderful world of music. In the Fifties it was do-wop and swing music, America had its first taste of "Rock and Roll � in this era of happy times. People's lives were safe and happy and this do-wop bee-bop music reflected the way people's attitudes were about life. In the Sixties "Rock and Roll � made its collision with mainstream American culture and people like the Beetles and Elvis Presley became the forefathers for a huge cultural gateway. The era of peace love and happiness was beginning and so once again the music reflected this way of thinking, acting and feeling.

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Well, music comes from the people within society. They are always shaped by their culture, and the music they create is oftentimes a reflection of their lifestyle and cultural values. Also, music has been used to change culture. Look at the protest and empowerment songs in history, especially during the Civil Rights Movement. Artists also can modify cultural standards. New Kids On the Block began the Boy Band trend, Michael Jackson inspired a new generation of music as entertainment (Moon walk!), Bob Dylan wrote songs to highlight social injustices, Elvis Presley changed the way Rock and Roll is viewed, the Beatles created a whole sub culture. There are so many other examples, too. The Macarena, Electric Slide, the Hustle are all dances developed from musical performances. The business of music now shapes our nation, especially with shows like American Idol. Music and culture are so closely related, it's scary! 

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